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How it all started

At 17, I discovered certain foods caused bloating, leading to fear around food. In my late twenties, I diagnosed it as IBS, requiring a controlled lifestyle. Turning IBS into a blessing, I embraced cooking tailored meals, transforming fear into pleasure. This journey birthed a blog, evolving into a movement. In 2018, I left my advertising job to dedicate myself fully. Since starting in July 2019, despite challenges in Lebanon, the movement has continued to grow.

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Enjoy our all-day menu delivered on the spot to your door or dine-in

One weekly strategy to support your gut flora

We have all heard about the gut flora, which is this collection of bacteria that live inside the intestines.

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Am I an entrepreneur if I feel that?

I am an entrepreneur and there are many things I sometimes feel that do not fall under the frame

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The wellbeing habits that will make the biggest difference

Wellbeing does not mean being perfectly healthy because I really don’t think this is attainable on this planet earth!

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What our customers say about us!

The cleanest and yummiest food at once. I always have a weakness for kiss the spoon out of all the countless food places in lebanon. The quality, nutrition level and taste you guys offer is amazing. Thank you KTS for just existing.

Christina Al Asmar

Your salads are top notch! Thank you for serving the best quality ingredients.

Zeina Nahas

I could feel the love and care in every bite! Match made in heaven. As always, so grateful for KTS in Lebanon, the ultimate soul food.

Zeina Nahle

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