Our Story

At the age of 17, I realized that certain foods bloat me and hence, I have developed some fear around food. Later, in my late twenties, I discovered this was Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and it will require a very controlled lifestyle in order to manage it.


I knew my digestion was different than anyone else’s and my food choices will dictate who I am.


BUT, IBS turned into a blessing. I went back into the kitchen to cook food that works for me. I have been avoiding cooking for so long, fearing that I eat everything and as a result, hurt myself.


Food turned into a pleasure to kiss! The IBS journey was depicted in a blog that became a core movement and a central part of who I am. Later on, I quit my advertising job by the end of 2018 to give my all to this movement.


We started in July 2019 and kept growing despite all the perpetual obstacles in Lebanon. Later in 2022, Wissam (my husband today) joined my movement with full enthusiasm, responsibility, and most importantly courage! Passionate forces have joined together to make more people feel good!

The Feel Good Movement

Why chase a feeling?

Wellness for us in two words is “feel good”. This is the definition of what you might call health. We attached to it the word “feeling”. Here is why…

We’ve given food many labels such as keto, vegan, low cal, detox and forgot the true meaning of food, which is information to the body, mind and spirit. When we choose food for the sake of these labels, we become strict on ourselves and feel like a failure if we do not follow.

Following a feeling versus a label is more sustainable and rewarding. The body is smart enough to lead you to the mother earth food. When the mind and spirit are healthy and balanced, you will intuitively go for balanced eating, while preserving joy at the core of what you eat.

We are also restricted in the calculations of the calories. We forget that the first thing our body scans is vitamins and minerals, so going low cal might not be the smartest thing. A size is not an indicator of health, but rather social connections, movement, sunshine and our purpose in life!

A celebratory movement

Not to forget we are wonderfully biologically unique and there is no one right diet. What works for me might not work for you.


Not only does this movement celebrate your uniqueness, but it also empowers you versus judging you for not eating the most colorful and wholesome food. It invites you to believe in your body that is thriving to feel better and to avoid sickness; you just need to give it the right information.

The good approach


Let’s rethink wellness and make it fun, flexible and sustainable; it is what is going on in your head and heart, as much as what is on your plate.

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It is meant to provide you with a positive after feeling: Ease in digestion, less or no bloating issues, uplifted mood, great satisfaction, sustainable energy, boosted gut health, and a stress-free mind because you just had something full of nourishment, full of satisfaction, full of memories, full of many beautiful things that you will never regret!

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