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Basic Vitality

Breakfast + Lunch + 1 Snack

  • 3 days | $60
  • 5 days | $95

Premium Vitality

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner + 2 Snacks

  • 3 days | $87
  • 5 days | $135

Double The Vitality

Lunch + Dinner + 1 Snack

  • 3 days | $66
  • 5 days | $105

What our customers say about our meal plans!

Your meal plan boxes are amazing. So clean, fresh, generous and well-prepared. It is the best decision!

Mira Assaf

My honest review is that the food is soooooo good and soooo filling (sometimes I wasn’t able to even finish the plate) and it’s very diverse Like everyday there’s a new plate new snack.. etc so I really loved the food thank you for it!

Riwa Beydoun

I like that you took into consideration my workout routine by amping the protein in my meals. I feel a sense of trust and comfort in trying whatever you have on the menu … everything in it is very well thought off to be good food for the mind and the body.

Zeinab Sabra

We see your questions coming!

1,500-1,600 average cal* per day
50-60g average protein per day
*the total cal is for a full board package of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks

It really depends on your calorie burn. Our nutritionist can help you!

Amp up protein/cal dense & switch to vegan are available.

We have ONE type of diet plan, but with 3 different packages!

We will be sending you all the meals for the same day. But, since we deliver between 10 am and 12 pm and if you take your breakfast early morning, then keep the breakfast we send you for the second day and enjoy it early morning at your convenience.

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